About Us

Nano Biosols Ltd is based at the Liverpool Science Park.


The founder of the company, Adrian Walsh, worked previously at the University of Liverpool and has over thirty years experience in the medical faculty, helping develop gold nanoparticle technology. He has collaborated with the university technology transfer unit in supplying gold nanoparticles on a commercial basis to industry and the research community.
Nano Biosols Ltd was set up in 2014 with investment from The North West Fund (Biomedical) with a view to capitalising on the founder's experience and helping to develop the technology further.

The first generation of biologically functionalised gold nanoparticles was developed as a tool in life science research, mainly in microscopy. The second generation nanoparticles were used as components in lateral flow in-vitro diagnostic kits, where they produce a macroscopic red signal confirming the result of a test. It is predicted that the third generation of gold nanoparticles will feature as theranostics i.e. as therapeutic and diagnostic agents in the developing field of nanomedicine. It is assumed that the next generation will be multi-modal in that they can be targeted, imaged and deliver a therapeutic action.