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Quantification kits for cellular uptake of gold nanoparticles

One of the key problems with researching into the effects of gold nanoparticles on cells is the quantification of the nanoparticle uptake by the cells.

Without solid data on the number of particles taken up, it is difficult to work out the efficacy of the particles on any observed effect.

The most sensitive method involves ICP-MS  mass spectrometry. An alternative is ICP-OAS. Both these methods may involve complex sample preparation (use of concentrated acids), both are expensive regarding hardware required (£100,000 plus) and ongoing running costs. Many labs will not be able to buy and run their own facility so will rely on accessing their institute’s serviced facility at a cost.

An alternative lab-based simple method without the need for expensive equipment would be very useful as a “screening method” for initial pilot studies to optimise cell uptake studies. Such a method has been developed in our R and D labs, and is available as the “Quanti-Gold kit”.

All that is required is a smartphone to record a digital image of the data and an internet link to access the free download of Image J software to calculate the gold content.

It has a sensitivity of approximately 106 nanoparticles per µl of a sample which approximates to 10 atto moles of gold nanoparticles.

The kit can be bought in 100 ml or 200ml sizes or as “combo kits” with either gold nanoparticles for your own conjugations or with custom conjugates at discounted prices.

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