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Nanomedicine and its delivery problem.

A recent paper by the Chan group in Toronto reviewed the data from published articles on delivery of nanoparticles to tumors over the last decade and found it was not a very efficient process. The median delivery efficiency was as low as 0.7% of an injected dose

An excellent article in Chemical and Engineering News discusses the implications of the papers findings with experts in the field highlighting both positive and negative views. The important message is that we need to know how many particles reach their target so that methods to improve nanoparticle design for better delivery can proceed.

What is clear is that for nanomedicine to become a reality, then methods for real time quantification and imaging of nanoparticles  in vivo is required to measure their efficacy. One method applicable to targeting gold nanoparticle is the iodine isotope chemisorption method outlined in our publication

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