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Real time quantification of gold nanoparticles in experimental use. As simple as plug and play.

The main problem with using gold nanoparticles in life science research is the lack of a simple real time quantification method. Use of mass spectrometry is very accurate but also very expensive and definitely not in real time. It is now possible to quantify gold nanoparticles in real time in experimental procedures by using the chemisorption of Iodine -125 to the gold particles. This simple labelling step involves just mixing the two components. Take your functionalised gold particles and add the isotope. As simple as plug and play. Applications include quantifying in-vitro cell uptake of particles and the potential for imaging in-vivo small animal particle distribution using SPECT (I-125) or PET (I-124) procedures. If nanomedicine is to become a reality, then simple real time methods of imaging and quantification need to be developed. Silver nanoparticles can also be quantified by this method also. Details of our work in understanding the chemistry can be found in a recent publication of the Journal of Nanoparticle Research.

03/07/2017 - Posted by | Quantification

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